The Loretta Johnson Global Abstinence Project & Movement
Promoting Abstinence especially to Black and Hispanic Women & Girls in United States, Africa and worldwide to experience God's best for their lives
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Abstinence Wristbands (for Women & Girls and Men & Boys)
-REAL MEN WAIT (Color: Black)

Order Abstinence Wristbands for Women & Girls and Men & Boys:

Use Wristbands to:

-Promote Abstinence to friends, family, children, grandchildren, etc.

-Give as gifts to youth; teens; adults; family; friends, children, grandchildren, yourself, etc.

-Give to youth ministries; church services; women ministries; men ministries; singles ministries; Bible studies; community outreach (by mail or door-to-door); etc.

-Wear as a symbol of commitment or promise to remain Abstinent and avoid having sex before marriage

-Wear as a reminder of commitment or promise to remain Abstinent and avoid having sex before marriage especially during times of temptation

​-Wear to promote Abstinence to others and help them to avoid having sex before marriage

-And many other ways you can choose to promote Abstinence

Wristbands for Women and Girls read: REAL LOVE WAITS 

(Rubber wristbands; one-size should fit all; come in color red which means “Love”)


Wristbands for Men and Boys read: REAL MEN WAIT 

(Rubber wristbands; one-size should fit all; come in color black which means “Strength”)

Wristbands are $2 each

(includes shipping and handling and no minimum order required and shipped in approximately 3-5 business days.)

Additional idea: 
Some are wearing both types of Wristbands together (with both messages) to promote and practice Abstinence.

To Order Wristbands: by Paypal

REAL LOVE WAITS (Red Wristband)

REAL MEN WAIT (Black Wristband)

Order by Mail:

Please make check or money order for total amount payable to GAP Ministries and mail payment to:
Kim Wilson/GAP Ministries
121 Ardenlee Drive
Peachtree City, Georgia 30269
(When you make your payment by Mail, please email or phone or text at 678-491-8583 for order confirmation.)

Note: Shipping & Handling rates only included in United States. No minimum order and shipped in approx. 3-5 business days. Please contact us with any questions, special pricing for bulk orders, pay through Western Union, and for International Shipping & Handling rates at or call or text at 678-491-8583. (Prices are subject to change without notice.)