The Loretta Johnson Global Abstinence Project & Movement
Promoting Abstinence especially to Black and Hispanic Women & Girls in United States, Africa and worldwide to experience God's best for their lives
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Workshop for Women & Girls:

"Experiencing God's Best for Your Life through Abstinence and God's True Love Workshop" (for Women and Girls):

​This workshop is being presented throughout the United States and on 3 continents and over 20 countries, to approximately 10,000 women and girls each month by Kim Wilson, as well as other presenters in North America, Africa and Asia. 

It is designed to be presented by ministry and church leaders for the purpose of motivating and teaching Black and Hispanic Women and Girls why and how to practice abstinence in order to experience God’s best for their lives and avoid the major problems that come with pre-marital sex, such as: Poverty; Neglected Children; HIV/AIDS; Hopelessness; Abortions; Unwanted Pregnancies; Low self-esteem; Social-emotional problems; Premature deaths; and many others.

Workshop Topics and Agenda: Abstinence; God's Best; Goals & Achievements; Dating & Marriage; God's True Love; Videos and Music and more.

Please note: This workshop can be conducted by you, other presenters or Kim Wilson in-person (no speaking fees). If you would like to conduct this workshop yourself or have Kim Wilson to present it, please contact Kim for more details at or (678) 491-8583.

Seminar for Leaders and Parents:

"Abstinence is the Cure" Seminar (for Leaders and Parents)

This workshop is only presented by Kim Wilson in-person in the United States and globally.

The purpose of this seminar is to teach and train Christian leaders and Parents and anyone else who can benefit from this seminar to learn how to effectively promote, motivate and teach Black and Hispanic women and girls how to avoid having sex before marriage and many of the problems that can take or ruin their lives and the lives of too many children before it is too late.

This seminar is very research oriented, provides current statistics and in-depth solutions to this epidemic.  The topics and research of this seminar are variable but typically focuses on: Urgency; Alarming Statistics; Lack of Awareness; Cure; Application; Solutions and more.

​Please note: This seminar is only conducted by Kim Wilson in-person (no speaking fees). If you would like to have Kim Wilson to present this seminar nationally or globally, please contact her for more details at or (678) 491-8583.

Abstinence Workshops and Seminars presented by Kim Wilson, Founder (no speaking fees)
(See Speaking Reviews)

Speaking Reviews for Kim Wilson

"I liked the information, especially that it was backed by statistics. I liked how Ms. Wilson tied the statistics together and explained what they meant in relations to the future of African American and Hispanic people as a community and as individuals."

"The information and statistics...and how the African American family is on a fast decline as well as such a small percentage of children are living in 2 parent homes."

"I also loved the visual aids....they're much needed especially when we're speaking to the young people."

​"I enjoyed networking with others who have a passion for abstinence. Secondly, I appreciate the full training materials, the book, outreach and marketing documents that were given for providing a workshop for participants at churches. This information was priceless and worth attending the conference. 

​"I was able to see the passion that Ms. Wilson possessed for the project and appreciate her doing this for the Christian community."

​"I left this conference with renewed hope and enthusiasm for abstinence training. I see now how important this information is and what far reaching effects promiscuity has on our whole society. I feel much more equipped to provide this instruction to our clients and have a better understanding of the predisposing factors. I absolutely love the abstinence handbook which was provided to me. Kim Wilson does a great job of presenting this information. I like how she always keeps the focus on our blessed Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ. 

​"The history. Loretta Johnson was an amazing lady. I loved Kim Wilson's presentation. It was very informative. The content of the training resources were excellent. I feel better equipped to talk about this subject. It is Biblical."

​"The information Kim Wilson shared was based on research and on the Word of God."