The Loretta Johnson Global Abstinence Project & Movement
Promoting Abstinence especially to Black and Hispanic Women & Girls in United States, Africa and worldwide to experience God's best for their lives
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It was time to publish this book! After conducting many workshops, entitled “Experiencing God's Best for Your Life through Abstinence”, and having this workshop presented throughout the United States and on 3 continents and over 20 countries, it is spreading like wildfire. It is now being presented to approximately 10,000 women and girls each month by me and many other presenters in Africa, Asia and North America.

The ABSTINENCE Handbook deals with the importance of not having sex before marriage. However, it does not just focus on why you should avoid having sex before marriage, but focuses more on how to avoid having sex before marriage. 

Sometimes, women and girls are told why they should not have sex before marriage. But, we are not told how to avoid having sex before marriage. The purpose of this book is to give you effective and successfully-proven ways to practice abstinence. And it is designed to be quick-to-read and easy to follow.

I am confident the information in The ABSTINENCE Handbook will be a great blessing to you, as it already has for many women and girls throughout the world, and help you to achieve your goals and above all, experience God's best for your life and true love! 

Kim Wilson, Author

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